Black Swan Riesling 2010 (Australia) Review

This is my first riesling since starting RoodonFood. I forgot how tasty they can be. The Black Swan Riesling 2010 (Australia) is very flavorful. It’s crisp and the flavor of citrus is somewhere in the neighborhood of grapefruit. It’s fresh, a little sweet and a little tart. There is a reasonably tight, crisp finish. The wine was priced at $6.99 so it’s very competitive with my usual price range ($15 or less). This wouldn’t be a bad wine to bring to a party. Some people hated this wine. Others agreed with me.

The design is a little annoying. Each type of wine features a prominent swan with a different color background, the rest of the label is always black. The cork is even black. These guys are definitely going for the “look more expensive then we are” style. Still, flavor wise I really like it and plan to get this again in the near future. Not to betray dorky roots but I actually thought the swan was a dragon breathing fire downward. Perhaps too much Game of Thrones reading lately? While that image would not fit with a wine named Black Swan how much cooler would a dragon be?


3 comments on “Black Swan Riesling 2010 (Australia) Review

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