Brighton Beach Brooklyn Adventures: Akkond Russian Dark Chocolate Marshmallow

During my infrequent visits to Bright Beach Brooklyn I like sampling amazing food from the various Russian, Ukraninian, Georgia and Uzbek food places. For chocolates though I love going to Nature’s Delight. Any store that sells chocolates, dried fruits, nuts and spices out of big buckets is okay by me. The store is located at 243 Brighton Beach Avenue between Brighton 1 and 2. It’s a modest size with generally few customers so it feels relaxed inside. The chocolate comes in all types of flavors. Unfortunately not all of the chocolates have English translations so you have to take a guess and or interpret the pictures. My favorite amongst the buckets are from a company called Akkond (according to google translate pictured below. The pink is strawberry and the blue is plain dark chocolate. They’re light and airy. Who doesn’t love chocolate with a marshmallow filling? The prices are by the pounded usually $3.99-$6.99 depending on the type of chocolate. Prices are very clearly labeled. They’re also helpful in answering questions.

Akkond Strawberry Marshmallow Russian Chocolate


Akkond Dark Chocolate Marshmallow


2 comments on “Brighton Beach Brooklyn Adventures: Akkond Russian Dark Chocolate Marshmallow

  1. […] – an amazing hearty bread made with coriander seeds and a few Eastern European chocolates from Nature’s Delight. This time I went a little overboard buying all the aforementioned along with a danish and a poppy […]

  2. […] The second stop was Nature’s Delight for traditional chocolates including this dark one from Nestle and Akkond. […]

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