(Closed) Brighton Beach: Russian Coriander Rye from Grevico Bread

Grevico Bread storefront

Grevico Bread is a small unassuming store located on a side street off Brighton Beach Avenue. (located at 129-3 Brighton 1st Street). They bake fresh bread daily at their facility on McDonald Avenue and sell it at this store. They have all types of loaves. I asked what types of rye they had. The lady described a few, but in Russian with a smattering of English. She was able to describe one with seeds on the outside which looked good from a few feet away. They sliced it fresh through a machine which is always fun to see.

Upon getting home I discovered that the bread had some type of familiar circular seeds. It was coriander. Coriander bread made with rye flour. It’s absolutely delicious. This may be my favorite bread ever. It’s has the hearty, chewy texture you want in a good bread but also a nice mild sourdough profile. The coriander seeds are the stars bringing a bright, almost citrus-y taste.

Russian Coriander Rye Bread

So far I’ve tried it two ways: with an amazing semi-soft, slight salty Havarti cheese picked up at nearby M&I international for $1.17. Grilled cheese is strongly encouraged. Butter and jam work great as well. In the next variation I think I’ll go for old fashioned ham and cheese. I highly recommend these guys and can’t wait to pick up some more bread.

For those without access to Russian/Eastern European bakeries here are two great sounding recipes on making the bread from thefreshloaf and NMU.


4 comments on “(Closed) Brighton Beach: Russian Coriander Rye from Grevico Bread

  1. great bread…..love it as well

  2. It’s either coriander seeds or caraway seeds that give this bread a kick. Try it with some herring and onions – heaven 🙂

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