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Revolution in Libya and Cinnabons for All!

While Gadhafi’s removal from power is a net positive for Libya, the work of their revolution is surely ongoing. New infrastructure, democracy, and help for the poor will all need to be put in place. Of course, after all the violence significant parts of the country must be rebuilt, some from the ground up.

On a happier or perhaps absurd note one building left undisturbed was to host the country’s first Cinnabon in Tripoli. If you’ve never been they are frequently found in malls all over the U.S and sell larger than life cinnamon buns. There were plans to open several years back, but then the revolution happened. The story located here doesn’t describe why the Cinnabon compound wasn’t destroyed. The cynic would say it’s a fluke but I’d like to imagine was a conscious decision. After seeing a picture wouldn’t you want to try it? The store finally just opened and is doing brisk business. The revolution will be baked, sweet and gooey. Apologies to Gil Scott-Heron for the bad joke.


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