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Sensible Portions Veggie Chips (Sea Salt)

Sensible Portions Veggie Chips

I’m really enjoying the Sensible Portions Veggie Chips (7oz, $3.39). They have no cholesterol or trans fat and 30% less fat than potato chips. It very clearly labels portion size as 38 chips which is a satisfying amount. As with pretty much every type of veggie chip you won’t get much nutrition from these but you will be eating less fat.

They’re similar to the previously reviewed Daily Crave but these have more emphasis on the veggie flavor though these also use spinach and tomato powder with potato being the main ingredient. While the text on the bag suggests a dip, these are quite good freestanding. The crunch is great and it’s fun to pop several chips at the same time. Here is someone else’s positive review.

These chips are made by Hain Celestial Group of various teas, Arrowhead Mills, WestSoy and Rice Dream fame among other things. It’s also worth noting that their chips are gluten free and vegan. If you can’t find them, they have a store locator feature here.


One comment on “Sensible Portions Veggie Chips (Sea Salt)

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