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Vivi Falaghina 2009 (Italy)

Vivi Falaghina 2009

The name falaghina is totally unfamiliar to me. Of Italian wines I tend to favor reds like Nero D’Avolas. This one was prominently placed near the register at Bay River marked down from $9.99 to $6.99 which made it more enticing.

Day 1

The flavor is solidly in pinot grigio range. The tart is pronounced but not unpleasant. It’s very bright tasting but the sweetness in this wine doesn’t make itself known unless you’re having an actual sweet with it. Consuming it with a milky way or peppermint patty improves it markedly. The tart calmed down and was replaced with citrus fruity action, maybe some apple as well.

Day 2

The tartness mellowed slightly. There are occasionally citrus notes. It has a medium finish and a slightly greenish tint. The Vivi Falaghina I’d consider getting again but maybe next time I’ll try it with fish as some suggest. Most people seem to agree with my assessment. Others though, enjoyed it tremendously with food.


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