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Brighton Beach Brooklyn Treats: Pirozkhis

Bright Beach Pirozkhi

When visiting Brighton Beach, it has become traditional for me to pick up a pirozhi or two and go to the boardwalk. Pirozkhis are a Russian/Ukranian/Eastern European baked or fried bun with fillings such as cabbage, egg, potato, lamb, beef etc. They’re sold fresh every day at several locations off Bright Beach Avenue. My favorite place to get them is in front of Tokyo Bay Market, located at 309 Bright Beach (Between Bright 3rd and 4th St).

They’re presented in the large bins pictured below. I find these appealing because they’re translucent so you can see the contents. Some of the containers steam up a little when they’re freshly cooked. Regardless, they can heat them in the microwave for you as well.  Notice the prominent labels in Russian and English.

Bins of Pirozhki Goodness

They’re very affordable generally only costing $1.50 to $2. My favorite, pictured is the cabbage one. The second best option is probably the potato. They’re generally minimally spiced with salt, garlic and perhaps cooked with some butter. The dough is soft, chewy and gloriously fluffy– perfect in particular for a fall day. These are a perfect snack option, right after you stop by over in Coney for a Nathan’s Hot Dog.

Pirozkhi with Cabbage

If you’re interested, check out my other Brighton Beach coverage. Let me know what your favorites places to go are.


One comment on “Brighton Beach Brooklyn Treats: Pirozkhis

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