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Sweet Treasures, South Slope Bakery: Doughnuts

I love donuts. They’re one of the ways Homer Simpson and I see eye to eye. I was previously a Dunkin Donuts guy, then a 7-11 guy because of their 2/$1 priced glazed. Now there is a relatively new player in South Park Slope called Sweet Treasures.  I wrote about these guys a little while back here. Located at 588 5th Avenue between Prospect Avenue and 16th St, they offer many of the classic Italian leaning sweets, fresh breads, deli sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches.

Cinnamon Donut from Sweet Treasures Bakery

On the donut front they’ll feature flavors such as coconut covered, cinnamon, plain, vanilla and chocolate frosted. So far, all are very delicious. Additionally, they’re only $0.50. That’s on par with 7-11 but instead of supporting a franchise you’re supporting the neighborhood Mom and Pop. Witness the beauty.

Coconut Donuts



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