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Steinfeld Gruner Veltliner 2009 Austria Review

Please don’t pass judgment but I have no recollection of buying this Steinfeld Gruner Veltliner. Neither does anyone else. All I know is that it was sitting on the wine rack, unjustly collecting dust. A lovely bottle like this should be enjoyed!

Day 1: Despite the neglect, the wine greeted us warmly. It’s light with a crisp, clean finish. There are noticeable tart, apple and citrus notes.It’s not too sweet and pairs tremendously well with chocolate. This doesn’t taste like a cheap wine though per a google search it only costs around $15.

Day 2: More of the complexity has come out. It features a great balance of tart to  sweet.

This is only my 2nd gruner veltiner but can see why they’re the most popular grapes in Austria. FYI It’s known to pair well with food. I will definitely buy Steinfeld again if only I can remember where it was purchased. Sigh.

Here is a funny article from Food and Wine on how the wine has fallen in and out and in and out of favor. Take it with a grain of salt.



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