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OHSUNG YES! CHIPS! SWEET POTATO CHIPS WITH BLACK SESAME. This was on sale for $1.79 at the legendary Hmart Korean megamart. The packaging shows the product name with an exclamation point and all caps. Some might think it rude to yell at a potential customer but I like enthusiasm from packaged goods especially without the handicap of cute anthropomorphic mascots. Also the bag color is fuchsia which you rarely see at least on American goods (this product comes from South Korea).




The chips are shown with sesame seeds but very few are actually in the chips. They’re paler than pictured, almost an off white rather than the expected potato chip yellow. The bag weight is 3.53 oz which is deceptive because the chips themselves are very light. Serving size is 1.05 oz or about 1/3 of the bag.

The flavor is quite tasty though sweeter than expected. Much of the discernible sweetness comes from the tapioca, sugar and honey. Think a nilla wafer but lighter with notes of honey and sesame. Despite being called sweet potato, it’s not much more than a hint of that.

After the confidence displayed on the front of the package I was surprised by the self-doubt on the back copy: “Sweetly crunchy, unexpectedly delicious….” This of course makes the product more endearing. I’d get these chips again and not because they make you feel sorry for them. I bet these would pair nicely with pudding.

Ingredients: Sweet Potato, Tapioca Powder, Sugar, Egg, Palm Oil, Malt Syrup, Milk Powder, Sweet Potato Flavor, Black Sesame Seed, Honey, Salt


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