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Survivor: Fruit Island – Asian Pear Versus Banana: Who Will Win?

Better Than A Banana Says the Monkey

I loved this cute picture of a monkey eating a Korean pear. It’s by the baggage claim for Airtran at LaGuardia airport in New York. Korean Food and Products, the group that bought the ad is definitely capitalizing on our implicit trust in the opinions of monkeys. Could this simian model be the next Dr. Zaius?

The copy says “Better than a Banana.” Since taste is subjective, this is like, well, comparing apples and oranges – everyone has a different preference. If they’re describing nutrition the fruit is a tossup.

Using Self’s nutrition facts we compared a 122 gram Asian pear versus a 118 gram Banana. The Asian Pear has around 51 calories versus the 122 calories of the banana. Both are low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.

Pears win over bananas when it comes for carbs (4% versus 9%).  They also feature more fiber (18% versus 12%) and less sugar (14g versus 9g). On the vitamin front Bananas contain 17% DV Vitamin C, 22% B6, 6% Folate and 12% Potassium. Asian Pears on the other hand contain 8% Vitamin C and 7% Vitamin K and 4% Potassium.

If you’re calorie conscious the pear is clearly better but if you’re concerned with things like proper cell and kidney function the banana is for you. Regardless, why are you getting your opinion from a monkey anyway? From my perspective the banana wins for versatility. I eat them mixed with cereal, yogurt, raw or in smoothies. Asian pears are great raw and a have a satisfying crunch. Winner: Banana.


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