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Oscar Meyer Butcher Thick Cut Bacon As Currency

Oscar Mayer in conjunction with 360i agency just started a really interesting campaign for its Butcher Thick Cut bacon called “The Bacon Barter.” They armed actor Josh Sankey with no money or credit cards, just a ton and a half of bacon to barter in exchange for meals, lodging and anything else. On the website they provide updates of where he is and what he bartered for. For example, in exchange for 2 bacon bricks he got a John Wayne poster and later some empanadas.

This is very clever. We live in a time of the bacon-oriented zeitgeist. It made its way into countless products such as lip balms, air fresheners and bourbon. I struggle to think of any food which would work as well virally. You can smell it from a mile away. You think of bacon and it probably puts a smile on your face.

Even though this campaign is for commercial purposes it’s so clever I hope Josh Sankey is successful. Bacon itself cannot raise its profile any higher so it will be fascinating to see what type of sales bump Oscar Mayer gets from the promotion.


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