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Bikaji Khatta Meetha Review (Officially Gluten Free Snack)

Bikaji Khatta Meetha Gluten Free

Bikaji Khatta Meetha Gluten Free

This package of Bikaji Khatta Meetha was purchased for $3.99 (400g/14.12 oz) at Foods on India (Sinha Trading Company) in Curry Hill. Already a fan of the previously written about aloo bhujia I was curious how their version of this sweet and sour treat compared to the one by Haldiram’s.

The crunch is satisfying and the ingredient proportion is good. The consumer gets a little of everything in most bites. The sweetness is milder than Haldiram’s which allows it to be enjoyed by itself rather than adding in extra bhujia or sev to balance out flavor.  The lone ingredient that to abundant is the peanut which tends to overpower everything else when present in a bite. I will definitely buy this type again though most likely the peanuts will end up discarded in the bag.

The ingredients are gram flour, chickpeas, sugar, rice flakes, whole lentils, tapioca, peanuts, salt, citric acid, turmeric and peanut oil. In an exciting turn of events, this product from India is labeled gluten free (it’s also vegan).


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