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Ulker Golden White Chocolate With Pistachios (3.17oz/90g)

Ulker Golden Premium White Chocolate With Pistachios

Ulker Golden Premium White Chocolate With Pistachios

Ülker is a Turkish company that makes chocolate, crackers and all manner of food products. One thing this chocolate teaches is that an umlaut indicates quality. The White Chocolate with Pistachio bar was purchased on sale for only a $1 at the meat market on 20th Avenue in Bensonhurst.

Pistachios are rarely used in American chocolate brands (I’m looking at you Hershey’s) let alone combined with white chocolate so the Ülker Golden is exciting. The texture is extremely creamy. Unlike some other bar makers, they aren’t stingy with the nuts. With every bite the consumer gets slightly salty, nutty pistachio flavor contrasted with the rich white chocolate. I’m rarely in Bensonhurst but next time around I’ll definitely pick up some more bars.


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