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Free National Coffee Day Followup

When companies have giveaways such as free coffee on National Coffee Day  I  feel self-conscious as if my frugality is being outed to the world. It’s foolish to not take advantage though because the business sees an uptick in business through related purchases or at the very least it brings a product to the consumer’s attention. It’s also worth trying because it feels like you’re getting away with a crime. It’s tempting to yell “Thanks for the free coffee suckers!” and run out the door being sure to flip over a few tables on the way out.

Donuts and Coffee on National Coffee Day.

I drank my first free 16 oz cup of coffee courtesy of 7-11 earlier today. Which as previously mentioned are offering political theme cups: Blue for Obama, Red for Romney and Green for neutral (not Green Party) through the election.  As part of this 7-Election promotion, they’re tracking the “votes” nationally and by state. While clearly unscientific, Obama is leading currently 58% to 42%. New York and Jersey are leaning towards Obama at 55% to 45%. Apparently the result has successfully predicted the last 3 elections. There was no pressure to buy anything at 7-11 but I did get 3 mini donuts ($0.39 or 3/$1) which were delicious. The Boston Cremes are highly recommended.

As a result of the coffee I was stuck to the ceiling. Fortunately workers pried me down. They apologetically explained that it’s a common occurrence on National Coffee Day.

Free cup #2 almost didn’t happen. The local McDonald’s sandwich board says “any size coffee for $1.” I kept my cool and managed to not set the building on fire because the small sign on the door says: Free Coffee Day September 28th-29th. Perhaps the free drink is only given to those with the patience to read the door signs.  A small line greeted us and a rather irritating Norah Jones song played overhead. Luckily the song ended quickly as did the line. I received my free coffee with considerable aplomb by the manager who helpfully suggested that I have a nice day.

Today is truly a good day and a Friday to boot. Be sure to stop by McDonald’s and or Krispy Kreme tomorrow for more coffee.


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