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80s Food Commercials: Posh People Who Loved Condiments

In the 80s pop culture was enamored with rich people. Movies and TV were chock full of examples of underdogs trying to outwit rich jerks/jocks to get the girl. Guys with names like Blaine, Chaz and girls like Mercedes and Cordelia showed up with alarming frequency. At the same time, regular people wanted to enjoy the finer things in life the way these upper crust folks did. Ads for food in the 80s, especially condiments followed this trend with some memorable results.

Who remembers this commercial for Polaner “Allfruit”? The ad is clever because the reaction to the product being called “jelly” is over the top.  Additionally, they manage to mention the product name a handful of times.

I was definitely curious to try Grey Poupon after seeing this classic ad. Fancy cars and fancy men eating a nice meal in their car. Ooo! It’s made with wine you say?

What are your favorite 80s food commercials?


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