The Importance of Weekend Coffee

It matters not whether week or weekend my daily coffee consumption remains a constant 12 to 16 oz. A sacred beverage, coffee provides two equally important services. Firstly, it helps me focus on the tasks at hand. Secondly it’s a preventative medicine because it causes me not to punch anyone in the face on a bad day.

Chock Full O Nuts

During the week the preference is for smokier, darker flavors. I frequently buy Colombian and French roast which fall in the medium range. The best Colombian is probably Chock Full of Nuts. This is a known fact to the company because it’s the only style that never goes on sale. I also enjoy their French Roast as well as the one from Folgers.

On the weekend after the Farmer’s Market at Grand Army Plaza, it’s coffee time. Usually the weekend blend is a mix of two types of coffee, a regular one and a flavor. I always do one more scoop of regular to flavor. For example, this weekend it was a French roast (5 scoops) to 4 scoops of Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut. I like it because you get the smokiness and higher caffeine from the darker roast and the sweet, aromatic notes of the “flavored” coffee. When I’m not doing a blend, I appreciate Porto Rico’s house coffee: Auggies, and Empire Coffee’s Breakfast blend. Protip: Even if a deal is not advertised at Dunkin Donuts they’ll often give a deal of buy 3 get 1 free or 4 for $27ish. It will usually work out to $5-$7 per pound. I recommend getting a dark roast, original roast, vanilla and a hazelnut.

What are your weekend food and drink rituals?


3 comments on “The Importance of Weekend Coffee

  1. I grind coffee fresh on the weekends. I also like to use a different, more expensive roast or bean type on the weekend. Usually I go for Italian roast during the weekdays. On weekends, I am currently using Tanzanian peaberry coffee, but I also love Kenyan AAs.

    • Oh wow. I haven’t had Italian or Tanzanian. I’m going to have to pick some up. How would you describe their flavors? Thanks for the comment.

      • The Tanzanian Peaberry has an amazing chocolate aroma and when cooked has a nicely balanced acidity.

        The Italian roast is less burnt than the French roast (which, for me, is way too smoky and burnt). I think it goes great for my milk coffee.

        I buy my coffee at World Market. Not sure whether you have that around, but I think it’s decent. (I am European, so I have standards…ha!).

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