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In Defense of Candy Corn

This has been a banner October for me in terms of embracing horror. I’ve seen at least 10 movies via Netflix. They’re mostly terrible but a few are noteworthy or at the very least watchable. The latest decent one was “The Ward,” a fun John Carpenter movie taking place inside a mental health facility.  My favorite part of Halloween though, even as an adult is the candy. The season provides RoodonFood a yearly excuse to buy favorites like “fun size” Milky Ways, variety packs of Hershey’s but most noteworthy is candy corn.

Candy Corn

Candy Corn

I’m a big fan of the stuff. The creamy fondant flavor practically melts in your mouth. The colour and the shape in addition to being a great album by the Foo Fighters, is unique. Multi-colored and molded to look like corn? This is very appealing to the kid inside. And for once it makes sense to use corn syrup as a sweetener. In fact, why doesn’t it say “made with real corn?” It’s the only candy I buy which contains no less than 4 food dyes. Here’s looking at you yellow 5, yellow 6, red 3 and of course blue 1. Conversely, it’s partially sweetened with real honey, something which is written prominently on the front of the Brach’s bag.

People feel strongly about candy corn. You need only check the twitter commentary to see that the haters and lovers are legion. Yes, they can be waxy if you get a bad batch but isn’t that half the fun? So spend the $2 and enjoy chewing the creamy goodness of corn shaped, 3 color, artificial flavor containing candy corn, if only for once a year. After all, it’s a tradition dating back to the 1880s.



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