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Vitarroz Plantain Chips (Lightly Salted) Review

Vitarroz Plantain Chips (Lightly Salted)

Vitarroz Plantain Chips (Lightly Salted)

Plaintain chips are a relatively new discovery for me. If you’re curious to try them Vitarroz is a good way to start because they sell them in modest size packets of 3.5oz (99grams, strange that it’s not 100g) and are priced at around $1. Another product with simple ingredients, they contain only green plantains, palm oil and salt. They’re imported from Costa Rica.

The one pictured is lightly salted. Other flavors include Chili Jalapeno and Lemon & Salt. These fall somewhere around a 7 on the crunch scale. They taste much heartier than straight up potato chips. These chips favor savory over sweet. These aren’t a particularly nutritious food though they have no trans fat or cholesterol. The fat content is 12% DV per 28 chip serving. Plantain Chips are a welcome addition because they add variety for those who are gluten free or for anyone who likes to mix it up.

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