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Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whiskey Review

Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whiskey

Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whiskey

It’s hard to imagine but my brother and sister in law have a baby on the way due in February or March. The bump is visible and so is the waddle (my sister in laws words, not mine). Family, friends and co-workers are all now in the know.

It’ll be exciting to be an Uncle but selfishly it means less time to spend with my brother. Because of this pending life change we’re making an effort to spend time together. I visited last weekend to attend Durga Puja with them in Bayonne and stayed for the weekend. We had a great dinner at a famous restaurant called Moghal post-Puja. Politicians such as Bill Clinton and Chris Christie among others visited the restaurant in the past. Afterward we settled in for a nice night with Netflix and a relaxing drink.

I’m a big fan of whiskey and scotch but never thought I’d get to try Amrut Fusion because it retails for an impressive $85. $85? What do I look like, a banker? My brother though knows a guy who knows a guy who owns a liquor store.

I’d read a few months back about Amrut, India’s first single malt whiskey in the newspaper, India Abroad. Hailing from perpetually hopping Bangalore, it uses a mix of Indian and Scottish barley along with peat, hence the name. The initial scent is that of vanilla. Fusion provides the palatable oakiness and smokiness you want from a good single malt. Also of note are hints of caramel and vanilla flavor. The finish is smooth and satisfying and very enjoyable on the rocks. Consider watching Anchorman while consuming. (I realize Amrut isn’t technically Scotch). All around an impressive debut. Here is a great write up on the popularity of whiskey in India as well as a favorable review of Amrut products. Here is a second one.

“I Love Scotch” Source: Myles B.


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