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2012 U.S Election: Post-Vote Bake Sale Buzz

Voting day in the U.S is finally here. We’ll finally stop hearing political ads for Obama and Romney, and the various mysterious non-aligned groups……for a few weeks.

Voting is just around the corner at a nearby elementary school. The line inside at 10am was fairly long, with my precinct hosting the longest line by far. After initial confusion about which line to go to and an hour and a half wait, my vote was cast. No hanging chads, just a form to fill out standardized test style followed by a scantron machine. It feels good to be part of the democratic process (electoral college be damned).

Superior to the post-vote buzz though is the bake sale buzz.  Every time there is a vote the school hosts a bake sale. A captive audience is going to want something to eat while waiting or post-vote. I picked up a couple of great mint cookies and a small gluten free blondie. Isn’t democracy great? Odds are they’re doing one at your voting location too. What better motivator is there to get you out the door?


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