Abu Walad Biscuits Review

Abu Walad Sandiwch Biscuits

Abu Walad Sandiwch Biscuits

How can you not love how happy that kid is? These biscuits were haunting me. Every store in Bay Ridge or off Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn carries them. Finally on a trip to pick up shea butter, they found their way into my shopping basket at Fertile Crescent. At only $1 it’s difficult to argue. The inside features two packets of wrapped biscuits each containing 6 biscuits. Don’t quote me on that as I ate them all (not in one sitting mind you).

They’re darker than pictured. They have a nice intricate pattern with the name Abu Walad imprinted. The flavor is pleasant. Both the biscuit  and the cream are moderately vanilla-ish though there isn’t much of the latter in terms of filling. Really these are tea biscuits in what looks like sandwich cookie to the untrained eye. The crunch is probably around a 9 on a scale of 10. They’re highly dunkable in tea and coffee. In fact the name says it all, the company that produces them is called TeaShop.

Abu Walad Biscuits - Detail

Abu Walad Biscuits – Detail

In a head to head against other sandwich cookies it doesn’t hold up but from a value and tea biscuit standpoint these are winners. I’d definitely check them out again as it prevents me from buying a whole box of Oreos or something similar. For the pricepoint these are great biscuits. The biscuits are a product of Yemen.

20 comments on “Abu Walad Biscuits Review

  1. […] The best known brand is McVitie’s Hobnobs oaty biscuits. Delicious to be sure but too expensive at $5. Thankfully, Eti Digestive Biscuits with Oatmeal are a wonderful, far less expensive ($1.25) replacement. I like the lattice, stroopwafel like pattern on the biscuits. The taste is just as oaty. It provides a respectable crunch and crumbles agreeably in the mouth. These are fantastic with coffee. A product of Turkey, they come 15 to a pack. Because they don’t have the sweetness of a cookie you’re really only tempted to eat 2 at a time. As yet there isn’t a “store locator” to find the products but if there is a Middle Eastern store in your area, that may be a good start. For those in the Brooklyn area, the biscuits are available at Black Seed (576 Atlantic), two doors down from Fertile Crescent. […]

  2. When I worked in Eritrea a few years back, I would go mountain biking every weekend with the same friends. One of the them always brought Abu Wallad biscuits and they became part of our routine. When we got together in the mountains of Pakistan for a month-long trek and to summit a 6000m peak, he of course brought a package of biscuits to savor at the summit, and I made “Team Abu Wallad” t-shirts for us. Pics here: http://goo.gl/BTZLV. Now we are planning a ski trek in arctic Sweden, but none of us know where to find the biscuits (we’re all in Europe). 😦

    • Hey CJ. Cool story. Team Abu Walad? I’d love to get one of those jerseys. I just emailed Al Saeed Trading Company about distribution in Europe. What country(countries) are you folks in?

      • I’m afraid those T’s were a limited edition. I printed just enough for us and the guides that went with us. 2013’s design will feature some reindeer and skiers, but still with the ever smiling face of the Abu Walad boy watching over all. I don’t think it will be t-shirts this year. Probably stickers. We’re scattered in Europe, we have two in Sweden, one in Switzerland, and one in France. I’ve got a colleague in Amman at the moment, so she’s on the lookout for Abu Walad biscuits for me too.

      • Thanks for the comment. Good luck in getting those biscuits! Let me know if I can help!

    • Hello my name is meron and I’m from Ethiopia I eat abu walade every day when I am back home so I’m going to home soon I will send it to you if you like just send me your address

  3. u can get from yemen

  4. i am from ethiopia i want to sale yours biscuit so can u give me your ethiopian agent address?

  5. Oh please some one tell me where I can find these in USA! I loved eating them growing up

  6. i attached the link..its on ebay now…u can get at ur door with fast shipping too….if the link doesnt work..just searach on ebay ..Teashop – Abu Walad Sandwich Biscuits…then u will find it….Good hunting:)

  7. Where can I buy some ?

    • Their website doesn’t really list out where you can buy it unfortunately. You may be able to find them in Middle Eastern grocery stores near you. Worst case scenario is that you can purchase via places like Amazon.

  8. Hey my name is Yosef Alem from Ethiopia Abu Walad is my sweetest and lovelly biscuit ever. I have 27 years old photo that shoots with me when I celebrete my 4 years birth day. I am now 31 years old. If you want to recived the photo you can contact me with my email.

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