Christian Moerlein Original Lager Review

My brother was given a “beer of the month” club membership by his wife for Valentine’s Day. They send him a dozen beers from 4 different breweries every month for a year. A great gift to be sure but he has since cut down on beer consumption drastically which means I’m the beneficiary(?) of his largesse. During my last visit he sent me home with a half dozen different beers.

Christian Moerlein Original Lager

Christian Moerlein Original Lager

I hope this first one, a Christian Moerlein Original Lager isn’t precedent setting. The beer tasted skunky and quite old. Being ice cold gave no relief. It was highly carbonated and at times the flavor was reminiscent of a pilsner. Occasionally black cherry notes were detectable. Strange because that’s certainly not mentioned on the label. This lager didn’t possess honey notes or the refreshing aspects expected from a lager. I’d give this beer another go if I knew it was brewery fresh. Please excuse me while I try cleanse my palate. ABV and date of brew were unlisted.


2 comments on “Christian Moerlein Original Lager Review

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