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R.I.P: Hostess


Hostess (Sad Face)

Hostess, the maker of beloved treats such as Twinkies, Drakes Cakes and Ding Dongs is going out of business. The company was in and out of bankruptcy since 2004. Founded in 1930 as Interstate Bakeries, it was “the largest wholesale baker and distributor of baked products in the United States.” Link

While in recent years the pies were a little questionable, I feel sad and nostalgic about the brand. They sold virtually nothing that was remotely nutritious but when we got a hankering for a sweet, Twinkies or Hostess pies were essential. There is however the possibility of the various brand assets being sold off which means we may not have seen our last Twinkie. Here is a particularly passionate response from Grouchy Muffin.


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