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Munchee Biscuits Coconut Crunch Review

Munchee Biscuits Coconut Crunch

Munchee Biscuits Coconut Crunch

During the Thanksgiving break I visited my brother over in lovely South Orange, NJ. Like New York, his township has some convenience stores offering more just soda and lotto tickets. M&A Convenience Store is a small bodega located on the edge of the town’s main drag (132 South Orange Avenue). It’s wall to wall with Sri Lankan packaged goods such as string hoppers, coconut oil, rice, spices etc.

Coconut Crunch

Coconut Crunch

Well-stocked currently on most spices, I opted to pick up a packet of red rice flour. That should be interesting (post to follow). Additionally I picked up a box of Munchee Biscuits: Coconut Crunch biscuits ($1.99, 200 grams or 7oz). The name Munchee successfully endears while the rather Spartan box seems to say “let the biscuits do the talking.” Inside are two separate “stay fresh” sealed biscuit packs allowing the customer to avoid the tragedy of staleness. Each of the packets contain 20 biscuits.

The biscuits have a picture of a coconut tree along with the word “coconut” so there can be no misunderstanding which flavor will be consumed. The power of suggestion or subterfuge? Not at all. The coconut flavor is front and center along with an appealing smoky wheat flavor. It’s sweet enough without going into cloying territory. Despite an ultra thin appearance the crunch is admirable. These biscuits are a steal for only $1.99. Recommended pairing: black coffee. I’ll absolutely get these biscuits again upon my next visit to South Orange around Christmas time. Speaking of biscuits, here is a link to the RoodonFood snack section.


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