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Russell Stover: Santa Blobs Are Coming to Town!

Russell Stover Santa Candy

Russell Stover Santa Candy

While stopping by the local drug store my eyes did see,
Two chocolate Santas winking at me.
How could I say no to these charming fellows
With their friendly faces and warm hellos?

So down in the basket I saw them land,
At least they’re the familiar Russell Stover brand.
The candy inside resembled neither man or beast,
Neither 4 legged, winged or human at least.

The Santa blobs were an aesthetic disappointment,
Oh well, at least the flavors were well appointed.
The peanut butter was rich and decadent, enough to make Santa proud,
The raspberry was light, creamy and fluffy like a marshmallow cloud.

The taste was appealing despite outward appearance,
They’ll fill my basket once again when they’re on clearance.

Cadbury Eggs, cover your ears, this doesn’t concern you. During the holidays at least a few forms of seasonal candy catch my eye – even the stuff that doesn’t try so hard. I don’t mind consumerism, as long as it’s cheap and tastes good.

Santa Blobs

Santa Blobs

Here are a few reviews of the Russell Stover Red Velvet and other Santa candies.
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One comment on “Russell Stover: Santa Blobs Are Coming to Town!

  1. […] stuff but in seasonal colored foil or wrappers. If you’re lucky, the candy might also be in a re-shaped like a Christmas tree or Santa. Hershey’s however stands a class apart by offering these Milk […]

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