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The RoodonFood EggNogOff: There Can Be Only One

Eggnog Battle Royale

Eggnog Battle Royale

Eggnog is a guilty holiday pleasure. Yes this odd dairy and egg based drink is unhealthy but with a little nutmeg sprinkled on top it tastes like the holidays. Being only familiar with the non-alcoholic version, I polled friends on Facebook and got the following suggestions to spice it up: keep it up virgin, brandy, bourbon, rum, whisky, and kahlua. One friend, citing family tradition suggested bourbon. He was shouted down with comments like “Don’t waste perfectly good bourbon. Try spiced rum instead.” Some people take Eggnog a little too serious. One college buddy said “I prefer to drink it straight in all it’s cholesterol laden, heart-attack inducing glory.”

I happened to have 4 of 5 of the suggestions liquors on hand which of course means it’s time for the RoodonFood EggNogOff. (Note: I had these drinks over the course of several days so as to guarantee impartial judgement).

Stock ’84 Brandy versus Sailor Jerry Rum
Both liquors mixed well with the drink. The Stock ’84 while pleasant gives an odd almost drying after taste maybe owed to the fact that this isn’t the highest quality brandy. The Sailor Jerry being spiced, added a little extra kick to the Eggnog. A clear winner.
Winner: Sailor Jerry Rum

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey vs Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon
As I was raised in Tennessee for part of my life it’s difficult to not have a bias. The Jack Daniels charcoal notes compliment the eggnog extremely well. The added sweetness however may be too much for some people. Evan Williams is warming and smoky contrasting the creamy nature of the Eggnog. I hate to say it but Evan Williams works better.
Winner: Evan Williams

Final Round

Sailor Jerry Rum vs Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon
This is a close and very subjective call. You can understand why eggnog has both rum and bourbon adherents. Sailor Jerry Rum’s spice is tasteful but not as necessary since eggnog already has nutmeg and or cinnamon. With Evan Williams, holiday spirit was achieved after just one sip.

Evan Williams - Winner of the EggnogOff

Evan Williams – Winner of the EggnogOff

EggNogOff Winner:

Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon

Congratulations EV. Hopefully my Tennessee friends won’t be too mad. For those interested in making their own eggnog, look no further than here via Alton Brown.

How do you like to take your Eggnog? What are your favorite holiday drinks?


One comment on “The RoodonFood EggNogOff: There Can Be Only One

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