Eat & Run by Scott Jurek Review + Quinoa Porridge Recipe

Eat & Run by Scott Jurek with Steve Friedman

Eat & Run by Scott Jurek and Steve Friedman

As a runner, books like Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run are inspiring. He’s one of the winningest ultramarathoners (any run over 26.2 miles) in the world including the Spartathlon (153 miles), Badwater (135 miles, twice), and Western States (100 miles, 7 times) and happens to be a vegan. Vegan? Don’t comedians joke that vegans lack energy to do anything? This guy turns that idea on its head. Side note: This is an interesting read from the NY TImes on the factors to consider if you’re a vegan athlete.

Jurek started off in cross country skiing and took up running to stay in shape during off season. In his first race he surprised himself by finishing second. He was hooked from that point. The book is less instructive and more about lifestyle choices. Food plays an integral role throughout. He equates many of the health problems his family and physical therapy patients suffered to consumption of animal protein.

He’s big on plant based proteins like soy, tempeh and beans for handy foods like burritos. Contrast that with other runners who might get pizza delivered to them mid-run. Unlike someone like Kathy Freston, at no point does Jurek’s vegan-ism come across as judgemental. What is clear is his competitiveness.

Each chapter features a vegan recipe ranging from basic items like “Minnesota Mashed Potatoes” to “Rice Balls.” The “Incan Quin-wow,” despite the silly name is a quinoa based porridge. It has naturally occurring iron, protein and carbs. The texture after blending is creamy and the flavor, very hearty.  A welcome variation to a standard oatmeal and more satisfying. Note: I opted for banana over pear and didn’t have the Flora oil however.

[Modified From Eat & Run by Scott Jurek, page 162]

1 cup dried quinoa
2 cups water
1 cup coconut milk
1 ripe peared finely sliced or 1 banana sliced
¼ cup dried coconut flakes
3 T Flora oil
½ t sea salt or light miso
½ t vanilla extract
1 ½ t ground cinnamon
Garnish: Raisins, apple slices, and chia seeds or your favorite nuts

Cook quinoa for 15 to 20 minutes until water is absorbed. Place the quinoa and all other ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth.

Here is a link to another recipe from the book, Tofu Feta Pita Pizza which looks great.


29 comments on “Eat & Run by Scott Jurek Review + Quinoa Porridge Recipe

  1. That recipe sounds delicious. Healthy, comforting, and filling! Great post! 🙂

  2. I love sweet & salty snacks. The miso in here intrigues me. I’ll have to try! I have a variety of quinoa (regular, red, black), so maybe a colourful medley version… Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog! I am actually reading Eat & Run now…great book so far!

  4. Thank you for the like! Your blog is interesting! Blessings!

  5. Very nice post! When using quinoa, I always tell clients to check the package to see if their quinoa is pre-rinsed. If not, they’ll want to rinse is several times before cooking. Not rinsing leaves the quinoa with a bitter taste. For years, I did not think I liked the stuff because I had not yet heard this advise! Thanks for “liking” my post!

  6. An interesting recipe. I often have cooked quinoa in the fridge so it’s ready to add to anything. Thanks for visiting my blog

    • Thanks for the comment. It has become a favorite. Having some quinoa ready to go is a great idea – that would save almost all of the prep time for this recipe. Cheers.

  7. Haha, I’m in the middle of reading this book and your review appeared! Kismet!

  8. Today for the second time pick up this book 🙂 – the first time I walked into the book shop, and now when I go home and I looked at the blog followers … open your page and again this book – I will think about that!! 🙂

  9. I love quinoa! I just put that book on hold because my dad had recommended it. What a fun coincidence!

  10. I love that book and even got Scott Jurek to sign mine!

  11. I’m excited to try this porridge! yum! I’ve been wanting to switch up my oats lately. thanks for posting.

  12. […] favorite recipe using the grain/seed up until then was this breakfast porridge from Scott Jurek. Ma’s savory creation is a simple pulao that is tasty by itself or eaten with Indian […]

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