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Kale Force 3000…This Time It’s Personal (Kale Drink Recipe)

...This Time It's Personal

…This Time It’s Personal

Kale is always in the RoodonFood fridge. Occasionally cooked on the stove top, most gets thrown into daily drinks . Via books like Kris Carr’s, I’ve learned that the leaves are tasty in raw, drink form and nutritious too boot (B6, C, K among others). Health books often recommend expensive juicers. If you can afford them, more power to you. We use the same 5 year old, $20 blender. After blending, we run the juice through a $6 strainer from Target.

Here is simple recipe to make roughly 36 ounces. This kale drink is thinner than most which makes it more accessible for newbies. It gives a great energy boost and is refreshing. Enjoy.

Kale Force 3000….This Time It’s Personal (Kale Drink)

2 kale leaves, washed and torn smallish
1/3 cucumber, chopped
1/4  lemon slice (remove rind)
1 drizzle honey
4 ice cubes


Throw ingredients into blender, now add water to fill to 36oz mark (the higher you fill it, the thinner the drink). Blend for a few seconds. Stir up and repeat. Strain out juice into a container. Pulp can often be run through a second time. The juice keeps well in the fridge for up to 3 days.

One comment on “Kale Force 3000…This Time It’s Personal (Kale Drink Recipe)

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