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Korovka Wafers (Milk Flavor) from Brighton Beach

Korovka Wafers (Milk Flavor)

Korovka Wafers (Milk Flavor)

These were picked up at Gold Label International Food, a Russian/Eastern European store in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. It’s one of the largest stores in the area with all manner of breads, smoke meats, fish, hot foods and amazing looking desserts. It’s located at 281 Brighton Beach Avenue between Brighton 2nd and 3rd.

The package of Korovka Wafers (Kopobka) contained 8 wafers for $1.29 (150g). The wafers stay in tact nicely when handled unlike other brands. The crème is very vanilla heavy. The flavor description is actually “milk flavor.” They lean sweeter than typical though not unpleasant. Korovka pairs well with black coffee or tea. For 8 large size wafers it wasn’t a bad deal. It also comes in chocolate.

Korovka Wafers Detail

Korovka Wafers Detail

Korovka is part of a much larger company called United Confectionery. The website boasts that among its patrons are the Kremlin and the Mayor of Moscow. Translation can be made by opening in chrome. I really like the chocolate picture in the shape of Russia.

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