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Swad Boondi Masala Chickpea Dumplings Review (10oz/283g)

Swad Boondi Masala

Swad Boondi Masala

Generally I’m diligent about checking snacks to make sure they’re gluten free and thereby girlfriend friendly (GF and gf friendly). Many of the Swad products are already gluten free (though made in a facility which processes wheat). You know what happens though when you make an assumption. The boondi masala dumplings are made with chickpea flour and semolina (wheat). Note that the snack is vegan however.

Despite the buyers remorse, these chickpea dumplings are very satisfying. First of all, they’re tiny so it’s fun eating a handful. The room shakes from the disproportionate amount of crunch. The slightest spice (red chili powder) and sweetness (from the chickpea) is detectable in aftertaste.

I’ve eaten these freestanding as a snack, as well an alternative to soup crackers. It’s also fun to mix it with GORP (Good Ole Raisins and Peanuts). Simply mix equal parts peanuts, raisins and boondi. While the purchases was a mistake, it was a happy one.

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One comment on “Swad Boondi Masala Chickpea Dumplings Review (10oz/283g)

  1. […] some kick. Since both the tuna and corn are soft textures I added in some crunch. In this version boondi was used. Other recommended Indian snacks include bhujia and sev. It’s a hybrid food […]

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