Krish Classic Jeera Khakhra Review (Wheat Crisps)

Krish Classic Khakhra

Krish Classic Khakhra

Khakhra are a paper thin cracker/bread native to Gujarat, India. Typically they’re made from wheat flour only and/or one other flour such as lentil. A pappadam (papor) is a close relative, but tend to be gluten free (made of lentil, rice and other flours).

The Krish Classic come 12 to a pack. They’re about 7 inches in diameter and super thin. The ingredients are whole wheat flour, ghee, salt and cumin. These khakhras are crisp with a nice roasted flavor from the cumin and a faint sweetness. The crisps are enjoyable plain or with chutney and onions on top.

Wheat = Not Gluten Free

It’s a tasty product with one big problem. For some strange reason, the back of the label says “gluten free.” Most people who are GF check packages anyway, but it’s rare to see such a clear error. I’ve written to the makers, Krushna Foods and will post any followups about removal of the gluten free language.

Krish Classic Khakhra - Vacuum Sealed Bag

Krish Classic Khakhra – Vacuum Sealed Bag


4 comments on “Krish Classic Jeera Khakhra Review (Wheat Crisps)

  1. Hi……Really I love the Jeera Khakhra……..Its very tasty…….Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for comment. Now we have remove these claim gluten free.

    Pramod Pansare

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