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30 Rock Finale: No More Food Jokes

It’s sad to see the NBC sitcom 30 Rock end. The Tina Fey created show never became a hit exactly but it did win a ridiculous amount of awards. Despite being about the production of a SNL type of comedy show it didn’t feel pretentious. In fact, sometimes half the jokes seemed food related. After 7 seasons, it’s going to be difficult to replace.

On a related note, Ben & Jerry’s will be introducing a 30 Rock flavor in February. It’s a lemon Greek frozen yogurt with blueberry lavender swirl inspired by Liz Lemon. I wonder if Alec Baldwin will run for Mayor of New York as rumored?

After the jump are a few favorite food related clips from the show.

Sabor de Soledad Cheese Puffs (The flavor of loneliness)

Tracy Jordan’s Meat Machine


Cheesy Blasters! (Meatcat)


“Extra Chuckle”



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