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Ilopart Rose Brut 2005 (Spain)

Ilopart Rose Brut 2006

Ilopart Rose Brut 2006

A gift from an old work place, this bottle laid dormant for years on the modest RoodonFood wine rack. Occasionally I’d notice and make noises about trying it sometime. A thick layer of dust accumulated. Sometimes the Illopart was the only inhabitant on the rack and yet it was still ignored. Well, as this is a drink often consumed on occasions, it just so happened that an one arose – the birth of my niece!

The sparkling wine has a pretty, well, rose color. It’s comfortably carbonated (potential band name?) and a little dry with hints of sweetness. It’s fruity, and oddly tastes young. The Ilopart Rose Brut retails for around $20 and is a product of Spain. I’d definitely be happy to try this sparkling wine again and other Rose Bruts.

Here is another mostly positive review of Ilopart.


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