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Easy Omelette Recipe: The Green Monster! (Spinach and Bacon)

Green Monster Omelette

Green Monster Omelette

Green Monster omelette! It sounds like something from a B Movie or a pulp novel but it’s actually a delicious breakfast item . A couple years back on a brief visit to Maine, we went to a diner which served this variation of a regular omelette.

The name is an homage to the 37 foot high green wall in Fenway Park, the Boston Red Sox stadium. Notoriously difficult to hit a home run over, it’s a perpetual goal for opposing team hitters. Additionally, Wally the Green Monster is the name of the official Red Sox mascot. A long time resident of the Green Wall, he emerged in 1997.

The Recipe

2 eggs
3 oz spinach (remember that spinach shrinks to less than half the original size)
2 bacon strips (pork, turkey or vegetarian)
½ t garlic
1 t milk (dairy or non)
Shake of Paprika
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste


Add oil and the bacon to a pan and turn to medium. (Note that a cold pan rather than preheated yields crispier bacon). Depending on level of desired crispiness, cook each side 3 minutes or more. When the bacon is half way done, add spinach to one side of the pan, not in the grease. Once cooked it shrinks down to less than half the size and darkens. Pull out bacon and spinach and put on paper towels.

Preheat an omelette pan on medium-low with oil. Crack eggs into a mixing bowl. Add in a touch of your favorite milk. Put in your garlic, salt, pepper and any other desired seasoning. Whisk contents of bowl vigorously until well blended. Place egg into warmed up pan. Cook for about 2 minutes. It should visibly solidify. Now flip over egg. Allow that side to cook for about 2 minutes. Now place your spinach and bacon in the middle and fold over. Remove from heat and place on place. Serve alongside toast and home fries/breakfast potatoes.


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