Tuna Salad Taco with Crunchies

Hybrid Food Confessions

Tuna Salad Taco? This food idea may be a little weird but it came out of necessity. Out of bread and left with a few corn tortillas, tuna tacos were born. The tuna salad recipe below includes equal parts mustard to mayo to give some kick. Since both the tuna and corn are soft textures I added in some crunch. In this version boondi was used. Other recommended Indian snacks include bhujia and sev. It’s a hybrid food admittedly but it’s tasty.

1 can tuna
1 oz onion, chopped tiny
1 1 inch piece celery chopped tiny
1 T garlic powder
1 T mustard
1 T mayo
chili powder to taste
pepper to taste
salt to taste
Crunchies: Haldiram’s Boondi, Bhujia or Sev or your favorite snack to taste.

Drain tuna can. Pour contents into mixing bowl. Add in all other ingredients except crunchies and mix well. Heat up two tortillas on pan medium well. After around a minute flip once. Remove from heat and spread on tuna. Add recommended or your favorite crunchies and enjoy. If on hand, cucumber slices are also suggested.

Tuna Salad Taco

Tuna Salad Taco

3 comments on “Tuna Salad Taco with Crunchies

  1. This would be very tasty with some alfalfa sprouts on top, as well! 🙂 Great idea!

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