McVitie’s Digestives Review (Product of UK)

McVitie’s Digestives Source: FoodsofAllNations.com

These McVitie’s Digestives purchased at Eden Gourmet in South Orange NJ won over the entire RoodonFood family. My parents who are extremely particular about such matters, loved it with their tea. My normally reticent brother even went back for a second biscuit. Not unlike a graham cracker, the texture is grainy and dense but manages to retain form when bitten. These circular biscuits contain a touch of sweetness but nothing crazy. Bonus points for containing a few grams of fiber.

Little kids would probably find these biscuits boring. Little kids may not always be the best barometer of taste however. Other flavors include chocolate! The only downside of McVitie’s is the hefty $5.49 price tag. I highly recommend the hobnob biscuits from them as well.

Here is another review over at Eat to Blog.
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2 comments on “McVitie’s Digestives Review (Product of UK)

  1. I love those things! Had them first on a trip to the UK in 1971, and fell in love – they go great with cheese, especially Stilton. but I never paid that much for them – I think if you look around, you’ll find them more reasonably priced.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I bet cheese would go well – never tried stilton before. And you’re right, I have seen them up to a couple bucks cheaper at other groceries. Cheers.

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