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Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Public Transportation

“We could eat an Egg McMuffin on the train. Is there a McDonald’s around? ” Dad asked on the way to the train station. “Not in the neighborhood” I replied. We caught our train to Penn Station though without breakfast sandwich in tow. The mission was to take him for a doctor’s appointment in the Bronx and then to a couple of parts of the city and finally a special lunch of his choice.

Hungry after seeing the doc he once again inquired about the golden arches. With none around, a large bodega/deli caught his eye. We went in and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich on rye. He was in heaven. The cheese was gooey and overflowing. The rye was grilled perfectly. He said “I forgot how good grilled cheese is!”

Satisfied, we went to the WTC Memorial site. Normally free visitor passes are required from the website to enter. It being a slow day though, they provided us tickets. The memorial features two beautiful reflecting pools with cascading water falls along with a soon to open museum. My father was able to see the name of his friend that died in the North Tower. It feels well thought out and respectful.

Afterward we headed up to Times Square. My father appreciated the frenetic energy, sites and sounds. I proposed a couple favorites places to eat for lunch including Minar and Margon. Here he was from out of town and out of state, in a place with all manner of cuisine available but he saw….. the McDonald’s. We got fish bites (dubious) and small fries (tasty). Oh well, at least his craving was fulfilled.

On the ride back he mentioned, not McDonald’s but the Memorial, the grilled cheese sandwich and trains. Public transportation and deli sandwiches. Sometimes it’s the simple things. Never underestimate the corner deli/bodega.


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