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Food Song of the Month: The Marathons “Peanut Butter”

Happy National Peanut Butter Lover’s day! In honor of this holiday, the March Food Song of the Month is called “Peanut Butter” by the Marathons. The song made it all the way to #20 on the charts in 1961. The group also had hits under the name The Vibrations “Watusi” and as The Jayhawks “Stranded in the Jungle.” “Peanut Butter” has no double entendres, just a clean, silly song about everyone’s favorite food paste. Like many classics, the lyrics are simple and fun:

There’s a food goin’ around that’s a sticky sticky goo
(Peanut, peanut butter)
Oh well it tastes real good, but it’s so hard to chew
(Peanut, peanut butter)
All my friends tell me that they dig it the most
(Peanut, peanut butter)
Early in the morning when they spread it on toast
(Peanut, peanut butter)
I like peanut butter, creamy peanut butter
Chunky peanut butter too

Full Lyrics

The convoluted story of the Marathons’ only hit, 1961’s ‘Peanut Butter’, is that the Olympics’ record company, Arvee, needed a new release from the group while they were on the road. In the Olympics’ place, Arvee hired the Vibrations to record ‘Peanut Butter’, a virtual soundalike of the Olympics’ own ‘(Baby) Hully Gully’. ‘Peanut Butter’ reached number 20 on Arvee, but when the Vibrations’ own label discovered that its group had been moonlighting, it took over distribution of the record, issuing it on both the Chess Records and Argo labels. Source: Oldies.com

I love the nuttiness Peanut Butter gives to massaman curry but the best usage is in a PB&J. What do you like to add peanut butter to? Creamy or chunky?


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