The Calming Effect of Tea When It’s Time to Write

The calming effect of tea

The calming effect of tea

I set a kettle of tea in the early evening almost every day. Cold weather is part of it, but it also serves as a marker. Tea tells my brain that it’s time to finish day job stuff in favor of my own blogging and writing projects. While mint tea is known to calm nerves, anxiety, even the digestive system I like  variation with flavors like Lipton green tea purple acai, orange jasmine, PG Tips, or mango. The type of tea doesn’t matter. All of them provide the the same “switching gears” calming effect at least in the early evening.

To further set the writing mood, I like to listen to instrumental music such as Thomas Newman (Soundtracks), Chopin, Schoenburg, Resphighi (Western Classical) or someone like Explosions in the Sky (sometimes called post rock, and known for the theme to Friday Night Lights). I don’t know if it qualifies as Pavlovian conditioning but tea + music has worked for me.

Do you have a ritual to let yourself know it’s time to blog/write?

Tea Time

Tea Time

The horoscope did say Saturn would enter my house though not…..Winter Storm Saturn.


3 comments on “The Calming Effect of Tea When It’s Time to Write

  1. Tea just does not work for me: The nose is so gorgeous, and the flavor usually a let down. Now, my wife says the same thing about coffee, but that is my habit: putting my espresso can on the stove, and then I am ready to write…

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