The Shelf Life of Food

I came across this chart on the shelf life of food from the Low Down Blog via Visual.ly.

It shows how long common foods last in the pantry, in the fridge and freezer. I wasn’t aware that bananas can be frozen for 2-3 months, let alone apples for up to a year. I would dispute freezing tomatoes though which the chart says can be frozen 8-12 months. I frozen a whole tomato for a week and it felt like a water balloon – perhaps best suited for stew? Have you tried freezing veg/fruit? What was the result?

The Shelf Life of Food


2 comments on “The Shelf Life of Food

  1. After looking at that chart, I’m a bit afraid to comment! My first thought was that it was made by some extremely cautious people. My next thought was, ‘Isn’t this a very subjective question?’

    I have a big second freezer in the utility room – it’s there primarily for freezing stuff from the garden, but usually serves as a storage place for leftover soup, meats bought on good sales, and grains (used for baking) which would go bad unless frozen. Bananas only 3 months! No way. I usually throw away any frozen bananas which are beginning not to resemble bananas any longer, and have lost more than 50% of their volume. Only god knows how old they really are – I refuse to put dates on bananas.

    As a member of the ‘food collector’ community, I do have my pride. Yeah, this is a subjective question!

    • Hahaha I can totally understand. My parents keep some veggies in the fridge well over a year. I don’t see any harm in becoming a “food collector” provided you have some pepto bismol on hand just in case. Thanks for the comment.

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