Balaji Wafers, Magic Masala Flavor Review (Gluten Free, Vegan Snack)

Magic Masala! Source: Balaji

These Balaji “wafers” were picked up at Patel Brothers in Jackson Heights for $1.49. The wafers are actually potato chips (I wasn’t aware the words are used interchangeably). The flavor, masala munch is delicious. The ingredients contain no gluten and have a splendid balance of sweet and sour owed largely to the sugar, chilly powder and mango powder. They’re ridged which for some reason makes them more fun. I highly recommend having these alongside a sandwich for contrast. The crunch is respectable. I have to mention Balaji’s great corporate slogan: Any Time Crunchy, All Time Fresh. Grammatically silly but puts a smile on your face. The next time in Jackson Heights I’m picking up a bunch of these bags.


2 comments on “Balaji Wafers, Magic Masala Flavor Review (Gluten Free, Vegan Snack)

  1. good product…..
    so i make balaji wafers product project

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