PopCorners Kettle Flavor Review (Gluten Free, Vegan Snack)

Popcorners Kettle Flavor

I’m a big fan of the PopCorners caramel. Sadly, that flavor is so popular it sells out so I picked up these kettle ones instead. Just as with the other flavor, this bag is 5oz. These are just as tasty and might even have a better balance of salty to sweet. They’re so light that it’s fairly easy to eat a bunch in one sitting without realizing (a blessing or a curse?).  Unlike more processed snacks, these don’t leave you feeling like you ate something unnatural. Note: these are gluten free as indicated on the front and back of the package. Note2: They also appear to be vegan as well.


5 comments on “PopCorners Kettle Flavor Review (Gluten Free, Vegan Snack)

  1. I’ve seen these a couple times in the grocery store. have you ever tried pop chips? I’m wondering if they would be a good replacement for if I need a healthier chip option, but can’t get to kroger that day.

  2. PopChips are also reasonably healthy (light and air popped). I can’t compare the two companies rival kettle flavor though since I haven’t tried PopChips version yet. When I do I’ll report back. Thanks for the comment!

  3. […] already a fan of several PopCorners products including Kettle and Caramel. Memphis BBQ is one of four new flavors that are whole grain though not necessarily […]

  4. Are they safe to eat it you have diverticulitis?

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