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Brad’s Naturals: Veggie Sticks (Gluten Free, 6oz)

Brad's Natural Veggie Sticks

Brad’s Natural Veggie Sticks

Brad’s snacks are great all around. Almost all are organic, gluten free and vegan. These veggie chips are quite addictive. In fact, this the 2nd bag in a row purchased.

They’re about the dimensions of a fast food french fry but are hollow inside. As is the case with other veggie sticks, the bag is a mix of potato flour yellow sticks, spinach infused green and tomato infused red sticks. They’re explicitly labeled gluten free. The flavor combination worked particularly well dipped in Sabra spinach artichoke hummus. Here is a past review of Brad’s Salsa Verde chips as well. Also, here a couple past reviews of veggie chips from Sensible Portions and Daily Crave.


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