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Healthy Snacks for the Lazy: Edamame



The first time I tasted edamame, like most Americans, was at a sushi place. At the time I had no idea that they’re just young soybeans cooked in-pod with salt. I was impressed that such a simple snack could possess so much flavor.

The name Eda means twig and mame means bean in Japanese. It’s a great non-meat source for protein, fiber and iron. The other day I discovered that frozen edamame is available at the local grocery store for only $3 (Seapoint Farms). The recommended cooking instructions were to boil them. To retain more nutrients I steamed them instead for about 10 minutes. Afterward they were lightly sprinkled with salt. The creamy, meaty texture and protein make this an ultra-satisfying snack with very little prep needed.

Speaking of Edamame, here is a tasty looking recipe using soybeans, corn and quinoa at Eating Well.

What are some of your quick go to snacks?


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