Kedjenou Ivory Coast Chicken Stew

Attieke with Kedjenou (sort of)

Attieke with Kedjenou (sort of)

Yesterday I posted about the amazing attieke cassava couscous from Ivory Coast. Traditionally served alongside is a spicy chicken stew called Kedjenou. It’s a simple stew using ingredients on-hand, but the trick according to several sites is to leave the lid on so it can create it’s own juices. To make sure the chicken isn’t sticking, the pot is to be shaken.

The final stew was very tasty but I made the mistake of not using as many tomatoes and hot peppers as suggested making the end product a little mild. I also used okra in the stew instead of aubergine (eggplant) per this site. I love one pot meals so I’ll make this again but stick to the directions.

For guidance this was the primary recipe:



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  1. Thank you much for the Like on foodforfun. Am enjoying your blog–love that you see food as an adventure!

  2. […] To create the gluten free (and vegan) version, I used leftover attieke, the fermented cassava couscous. I previously posted about attieke as couscous here  and accompanying stew here. […]

  3. […] Check out my recipe for Attieke Cassava Couscous by clicking the image.  See also Kedjenou Chicken Stew […]

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