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Awesome or Disgusting: Goplana Dark Chocolate Pina Colada Flavor (Gluten Free)

Goplana Pina Colada Flavor

Goplana Pina Colada Flavor

Goplana is a huge chocolate maker based in Poland. I purchased this at a great shop called Mazowske Deli on 420 Church Avenue in Brooklyn. It’s catty corner to Little Bangladesh. In addition to all the standard kielbasy, they sell hot foods as well as bigos!

They have at least 10 different flavors of Goplana chocolate. Scanning through I saw dark, milk, and white and then my eyes settled on Pina Colada flavor. The combination could be terrible or perhaps ingenious.

As is often the case, the imported chocolate has the ingredients laid out in multiple languages. More than once I’ve needed to consult Chrome’s translation feature. This one thankfully not only provides the ingredients in English but expressly states Gluten Free.

I expected it to taste cheap but the dark chocolate outside is decent (60%). While the picture illustrates filling oozing out, it was semi-solid inside. I didn’t mind because cream filing can get out of hand and make a mess. On first taste, you get a nice ratio of dark chocolate, to pineapple to coconut. In short, it tastes exactly as described. This feels a little too novel to be a regular rotation chocolate but it is worth checking out.

On a side note, this blog mentions Goplana’s newest ad campaign in Poland. The translation of the tagline is “full of emotions”. Eating Goplana apparently transforms you into a muscular person on a horse able to sprout wings all of chocolate. Not a bad deal for only $1.50.

Awesome or Disgusting?
Verdict: Awesome

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