Smelly Hippies Make Good Wine: Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir (Chile, $6.99)

Image Source: Cheap Wine Ratings

Pepperwood Grove is new to my local wine shop or perhaps unnoticed before because I didn’t crane my neck high enough. A wine from Chile, the brand prides itself on it’s many accolades which includes 17 Wine Enthusiast Best Buys and 21 Wine Spectator Best Values. This pinot noir was thinner tasting than expected but had a unique, almost smoky taste. The flavor was a little tart but very, very drinkable. This is definitely in the running for new favorite wine.

I managed to lose my last wine stopper so bonus points to Pepperwood for providing a reusable, recyclable cork they refer to as a zork. The labels are sourced sustainable forests. The brand’s color motif is also green and white. Get it? The only annoying aspect is that they call it the “groovy green bottle.” The wine is great but I will never use the word “groovy” you smelly hippies!

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