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Clearing out the Pantry

Lotus Root and Horse Gram

Lotus Root and Horse Gram

Everyone has a couple of random products in the pantry. Some are there because you were inspired and wanted to replicate a restaurant dish but didn’t know how to make it. Other products just sound healthy. Still others are just curiosities. NPR has a fun tumblr site called the cupboard. People can take pictures food they don’t know how to cook and ask for suggestions. It unexpectedly provides insight into your own food knowledge or lack thereof.

In the RoodonFood cabinet there are two items I’m a little of scared to try:

  1. Horse Gram. It’s a type of legume/lentil. They looked interesting but I’ve never tried them.
  2. A Can of Lotus Root: Never tasted these either.

I plan to use both items in the next 2 weeks by either improvising or checking out recipes online. Any suggestions for me? I’ll post how everything turns out.

What’s in your pantry collecting dust?

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