White Sangria Recipe: It’s That Time of Year

Sangria Recipe

Sangria Recipe

Sangria has been haunting me lately. During a weekend run in Prospect Park I got to catch the weekly drum circle. It’s an informal gathering of people mostly from Caribbean countries playing percussion instruments and dancing. Hearing that type of music will relax even the most high strung person. In fact, seeing it last weekend put me in the mood for sangria. (I realize it’s not a Carribean drink).

And just yesterday, on the way to Prospect Park for a run we caught a very Brooklyn moment. A car was traveling just a wee bit too slow for an impatient driver directly behind. The impatient driver began blaring their horn. The slow driver paid no mind, and proceeded to play very mellow reggae music as they continued driving at their own pace. There is something about that music that calms the nerves and made me crave a sangria again.

So we finally decided to give homemade a try. This version includes kiwi, watermelon, mango, orange slices and strawberry. I’d recommend the mango only if it’s ripe but not overripe, otherwise it can disintegrate. The end result was tasty but to get the needed sweetness and a little bit of bubbles we added an ounce of sprite to individual glasses.

1 cup watermelon, chopped small
6 strawberries quartered
1 kiwi, peeled and chopped small
1/3 mango chopped medium size
1 orange, sliced with peel on
1 regular size bottle of of sauvignon blanc (We used Rex Goliath)
Sprite or Ginger Ale to taste (to added sweetness and bubbles)

Fruit for Sangria

Fruit for Sangria

Chop up fruit and put in a pitcher. Pour in wine and chill for several hours or overnight if possible before serving. After pouring sangria, add an ounce or two of sprint or ginger ale to taste.


5 comments on “White Sangria Recipe: It’s That Time of Year

  1. Good call on taking cues from the Caribbean drum circle and reggae music and making your own white wine sangria. Especially love the photo of the fruit 🙂 I ran into a white wine sangria on a fellow blogger’s site and posted that–along with oodles of other fun cocktails–at a recent happy hour post. If you’re interested: http://foodcommunicationservices.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/happy-hour-foodforfun/ Enjoyed your read per usual 🙂

  2. This looks so yummy!

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